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Everyone deserves to present themselves in a way that makes them feel confident. Our boots help you do that! We seek to improve the workplace experience by providing functional, fashionable, and professional steel-toed boots.


Our boots are ANSI approved and durable enough for any work environment. But they're not just work boots!


With a classic silhouette, our boots pull together any traditional feminine business outfit. 

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I am passionate about engineering, architecture, and manufacturing. However I have always been frustrated that in professional work environments I and my female coworkers either needed to completely compromise on style, or constantly change in and out of appropriate safety shoes.

My goal is to create comfortable stylish boots that provide women with safety while not compromising their professional look.

Jessica graduated from Yale with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and now works as an Engineer at Harley Davidson. She is passionate about Human Centered Design and Architecture.  

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